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    Author: Bill Greenhead | Date: 14th August 2019

    Welcome to the Hannah the Spanner Blog!

    Each of our books takes you on one of Hannah’s thrilling adventures alongside her family, friends, a nice toy pig called Pig, and a cat called Cynthia. The author, Stuart Simmonds, made a promise to his daughter Hannah that he would one day turn the stories that he told her at bedtime into books! With the quite brilliant illustrations of Bill Greenhead that bring the characters and stories to life, Stuart has kept his promise and Hannah the Spanner is ready for the world to see.

    Since launching the books we have had lots of Spanner Fans, including Archie aged 5, who sent us a photo of his amazing robot drawing and as he loves space we sent him to the moon! (Go check out @Claremummyto3 on Instagram!) We also received a lovely photo from Evie aged 7 (@sister_sister06) and two big cheesy grins from Rylan and Joseph! (@Delilahboysandme).


    We are also excited to announce that the  “Hannah Spanner fun” page is now live on our website where you can find free activities, puzzles and worksheets to download to keep your children busy over the summer holidays. You can choose from helping Hannah and the Robot get his booties back, Spotting the Dancing Bear, colouring in your favourite characters and many more!


    The animated trailer narrated by the fabulous Dawn French has also been released and Stuart and Bill are developing fun storylines in the little town where Hannah lives. If you know of any TV execs that need a new Kids TV show, point them in our direction!

    We currently have 6 Hannah the Spanner books available to get your hands on: The Dancing Bear, The Robot, The Circus, The Trip to the Moon, The Racing Car and The Diamond Robbery! 1 more title under the Hannah the Spanner banner is also coming out this year too, Hannah the Spanner and the Polar Bears (keep your eyes peeled for updates!).


    Encouraging more children to read and enjoy their stories is so important to us. A recent survey from Nielsen Book research found that the proportion of young children being read to everyday has dropped by a fifth over the last 5 years, only 51% of young children are read to daily. We really hope Hannah's amazing adventures open new worlds to children and encourage families to pick up one of our books at bedtime.

    We would love to receive your children’s photos, drawings or letters and they could be our Fan of the Week!

    Thanks for reading, you are officially a Spanner fan!

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